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“Wing Chun for 10,000 people”

by Editorial Team
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Coach Tu Tengyao: “I will use my whole life to develop Wing Chun”

January 15, 2015 10:30 Source: Chongqing Morning News

Coach Tu Tengyao is practicing Wing Chun

The impression of flight attendants is generally beautiful, fashionable and gentle. Can you imagine a scene where a large group of prospective flight attendants are punching? On January 8, Master Tu Tengyao, the president of Chongqing Wing Chun Boxing Association, who lives in the south bank, led tens of thousands of prospective flight attendants to kick boxing and won the title of  “The Largest Wing Chun Boxing Performance ” by the Guinness World Records.

Ten thousand people Practise Wing Chun

After 1:00 pm on January 8, more than 20,000 students from 4 aviation colleges including Chongqing Hailian Vocational and Technical College and Sichuan Southwest Aviation Vocational College performed Wing Chun performances at the same time in different campuses. . Among them, 10,076 students from the Jintang Campus of Sichuan Southwest Aviation Vocational College challenged the Guinness World Record for the largest Wing Chun performance in history.

Following the coach’s command and powerful music, thousands of students dressed in Wing Chun uniforms lined up on the school sporsfield, basketball court, aisles, etc., and played Wing Chun in a uniform manner. “The effective number of people who played Wing Chun together was 10,021, and the challenge was successful. ” John Garland, the certification officer of Guinness World Records Greater China, said that this time, 10,000 people who played Wing Chun together surpassed the previous Guinness record of more than 3,000 people in Foshan, Guangdong.

Master Tu Tengyao - Guiness Record

Fight for Wing Chun

On the evening of January 13, the reporter came to the Wing Chun Boxing Club located in Chongqing, to visit Master Tu Tengyao.

“I’m very proud that my efforts in the past six months have not been in vain.”  Recalling the scene at that time, Tu Tengyao was still a little excited.

Tu Tengyao said that in June 2014, these aviation schools took Wing Chun as a compulsory course and invited him to teach. After cooperating with the school, he planned to use the performance of “Everyone Practice Wing Chun together” to create a Guinness record, infect more people to learn traditional Chinese martial arts, and let the world know more about Wing Chun. He hit it off with Wei Quanbin, chairman of Sichuan Southwest Aviation Vocational College, and submitted the application form to Guinness Greater China in October last year.

Fall in love with Wing Chun by coincidence

34-year-old Tu Tengyao is a native of Chongqing. He began to learn Taijiquan since he was a child and developed a solid basic skills. Tu Tengyao, who grew up in the Bruce Lee era, was obsessed with Jeet Kune Do because of the popularity of the times. Another episode of martial arts competition made him fall in love with Wing Chun.

In 2001, Tu Tengyao, who was doing business in Guangzhou, came across a Hong Kong Wing Chun master. Although curious, Tu Tengyao challenged the master. As a result, at the beginning of the challenge, before Tu Tengyao could respond, the opponent’s fist greeted his face. It was this fiasco that made Tu Tengyao realize the unique charm of Wing Chun and began to learn Wing Chun under his apprenticeship.

Due to the lack of authentic Wing Chun Schools in the mainland, Tu Tengyao went to Guangzhou and Hong Kong every few days to learn boxing, and the rest of the time he practiced at his home in Chongqing. In 2008, with the release of the movie “Ip Man”, Wing Chun became popular across the country. Since then, Tu Tengyao has received many requests for apprenticeships from fans.

It's an attitude to life

With the increase in the number of people learning boxing, in June 2013, Tu Tengyao rented a place of more than 100 square meters in Chongqing, and established the Wing Chun Boxing Association. At present, the teaching branch under the charge of his master disciple has taken root in Chengdu and Guangxi.

Tu Tengyao believes that learning martial arts is closely related to being a person. Only with integrity, kindness, and deep love for Chinese traditional culture can you achieve attainments. Making a pot of good tea in the fragrance of birds and flowers, trimming bonsai and playing with strange stones, the Chinese style in the boxing lounge is exactly the way of life that Tu Tengyao learned from Wing Chun.

Reciting Wing Chun ancestral precepts, kneeling on both knees to serve tea, kowtow… Tu Tengyao’s apprenticeship process is much more formal than in martial arts films. In his words, this is the spiritual and cultural manifestation of Wing Chun. Disciples, no matter how old or young, are called brothers and sisters; For Tu Tengyao, Wing Chun is no longer a set of boxing methods, but a martial arts culture system and life attitude, which he will develop throughout his life. (Tang Junzhong)

Responsible editor: Fan Chao

Tea Session With Master Tu Tengyao

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Mohammad July 8 2022 - 7h29

Dear sifu
My name is Mohammad from Iran
I like to train in your wingchun style.
I have experience in wing Chun and eskrima.
Are you in China?

Editorial Team July 8 2022 - 13h46

Good day,
Please find the exact location of the school on this page.

J. Stilwell June 28 2023 - 15h24

Hi M;

U can study Martial Arts and Kung Fu; practically anywhere in the World Nowadays….
It is unnaturally popular. In MHO….
(Personally; I think, No, I know!……It is the reserve of the lower classes in Chinese Society…)

But; never mind, each to their own….

There are many schools that are widely available all over the World now; but like Chinese Restaurants, there are Excellent One and there are Really: “Naff” Ones….

It is up to U to Discern……

But; try NOT to waste your life as a: “Likely Lad!”

Covered in Tattoos and be looked down upon….

It isn’t becoming…!

Giovane Maciel de Oliveira January 21 2023 - 17h38

I want to leave my country to train with you

Gary June 28 2023 - 15h09

There are already a lot of very high level schools in Europe.

Many well established and “Highly Regulated”; such as:


This is in Essex. England.

UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. National HQ

Such as Sifu: James Sinclair.

Genuinely Decades of experience….

Donot waste your money in going so far as to mainland China…..

There are many 狼人, Ronins there….

Believe me; I have experience first hand what they are really all about……

They donot suffer fools Gladly and they take no Prisoners…..

If U can see me….I can show U the Scars to Prove it…!!!

Some are very Jealous People and will hurt U just because they CAN!

Willy April 1 2023 - 20h09

sifu my name is willy from Chicago U.S.A I have study moy yat wing Chun IP man I’m looking forward in hearing from you .I’m very much interested in furthering wing Chun combat ,and learning from you looking forward in hearing from you


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