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Why Master Tu Tengyao Is The Best Wing Chun Fighter ?

by Editorial Team
12 minutes read

The transcript below is from the video “Wing Chun Master Tu Tengyao | Why Tu Tengyao Is The Best Wing Chun Fighter | Wing Chun Real Fight” by Trend Loops.

Wing Chun is a close-combat martial art, with core balance and sheer strikes and kicks. Real fights occur at a very close range, it is when the bullies are bullying you or you are just about to engage in a street fight. So that makes Wing Chun a must to learn martial arts. Yip Man was one of the greatest grandmasters of Wing Chun, but today he is 90 years old. So, is there any other best fighter of Wing Chun?

Apart from Yip Man and Bruce Lee, we have Master Tu Teng Yao. A master of Wing Chun known for his sheer strikes and flash-like style. You will never see him coming. Our today’s topic is going to be about this Wing Chun master. And why he is the best fighter. So, let’s start with:

  • Why Is he the Best?

I hope I gave a little idea about him. I am sorry for the unavailability of data. But is he known as one of the best fighters of Wing Chun? This is a very important question. Chinese people are all dependent on him. Or let me say: He is the most trustworthy and famous martial artist in China nowadays.

So, the following-up are some of the reasons, why he is the best fighter.

  • Training the Flight attendants:

Know what you are thinking. The next time you go through a Chinese flight, just buckle up your seat belt or you will have to face the deadly flight attendant black belts.

There were rumors in 2014 that China is training its flight attendants to kick off some on-flight drunks and even terrorists. That wasn’t a rumor at all. In 2014, Southwest airline college signed a deal with the Wing Chun master Tu Teng. That he would train their flight attendants to the best of Wing Chun.

The Airline college added that Wing Chun is a very good close-combat martial arts, and it will be best in the airplane’s confined places. If you were to ask me: was it for good or not? Well, it should be supposedly good, right? I mean, if someone hijacks a plane in the worst cases. Then it is such a good thing that flight attendants will know at least some of the martial arts to defend themselves and maybe others.

Master Tu Tengyao - Civil Aviation College
  • Training a Whole College

In 2015, he eagerly trained a whole college as a part of China’s Counterterrorist training. Just like I told you that in previous times, China was all mainly focused on Counter-terrorist training.

During that time, China hired the best fighter of Wing Chun “Tu Teng Yao” to do the bidding. I mean training. He trained a college filled with 20,000 students. These students were advised to take weekly lessons of Wing Chun so that they could defend themselves.

Master Tu Tengyao - Civil Aviation College

That College is China’s biggest and largest civil aviation training Centre. First, China was mainly focused on Taekwondo and Not Wing Chun. But they changed it drastically when they hired Tu Teng Yao.

Thanks to this large scale of Wing Chun training, they also made a record. And you know what record I am talking about: The deadly famous Guinness World Record. Now you would know that this was not some online article.

The fact should not be ignored that nowadays China who is the origin of many different martial arts, is now counting on Tu Teng Yao. That shows how much of a great fighter he is. You still don’t believe me? Well, then just let me add some clips of him fighting, you might then change your mind.

  • Inseparable Showcase of Skills:

The following is the clip that showcases, his furious and impressive skills. After some talking with the camera, he gets in action with the other guy. They go one-on-one with furious arm work as the Tu Teng Yao pushes him away with the quick two punches. You can see it in the slow-mo that when these jabs were connected. Good for the guy at least he was wearing protection.

Master Tu Tengyao
  • Get Some More Protection:

I am sorry guys I don’t understand mandarin but he did seem to throw him some more protection. Just look at how a few punches in milliseconds, threw him off. This showcases how deadly Wing Chun can be in close-combat fights.

This is all about muscle memory, at this high rate even our eyes can’t detect the motion easily.

  • Wait For It:

In this short clip, he waits for the dummy to touch him. As he touches his shirt he goes on a full rampage over that poor guy. Damn, that must have hurt.

  • It’s Okay to Relax:

In here, he is sitting in the chair successfully. Like the predator waiting for its prey. As soon as he gets by, he jumps off the chair delivering quick two kicks to his belly.

Tu Tengyao Martial Art Association
  • The Guy from the West:

The place in his videos is his academy where he teaches. There are no limitations on non-Chinese to learn it. So this guy was trying to learn Wing Chun for self-defense. You can see that with how much accuracy is he trying to teach him that. That this is all about the muscles’ memory.

  • The Sandbag:

Sandbag is such a useful item, depending on its usage. In here it holds the guy thrown to him. But let’s take a flashback. This dummy tries to challenge him. On the other hand, he delivers him some really hard punches. It was soon when he was thrown away to the sandbag. He was lucky that it was there to cover him.

This is not it at all. Social media and YouTube are filled with these clips. There are hundreds of them. Where some of the following are………….

I am sorry to say guys but you have reached the end of our video. If you did like our video, then press up the like button. And subscribe to our channel for more sporty videos. Now don’t forget to mention down your thoughts about Wing Chun master. And that do you agree with us that he is a great fighter? See you at the next one.

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YAM July 8 2022 - 18h00

The articles about Master TU TENGYAO were excellent. But I am still waiting for more and newer articles and interviews from him. Thank you.

Wing Chun Sifu October 21 2022 - 3h08

You are so ignorant! You say that Ip Man is 90 years old? Ip man is dead since 1970 and he was about 80 back then. In other words, you are talking about Ip Man’s son, Ip Chun. You say so many things about this master but you don’t give the two most important info: 1. Lineage and 2. Sifu’s name.

Editorial Team December 16 2022 - 16h45


We only retranscript the video found on YT. We are not responsible of what they said.
There are wrong informations, video was posted as it is.

Thanks for your reaction.

Dalia Eroglu April 10 2023 - 15h38

Hello sir(Wing Chun Sifu), do you think you can tell me what is Master’s Tu Tengyao lineage and the name of his own Master(Sifu), please!
I, personally, thought from the second I’ve seen some of his training videos posted on YouTube that he really, truly is a Wing Chun Master(and I don’t have any experience with Wing Chun or Martial Arts in general. I love martial arts and sports in general very much and I wish I could learn it(wing Chun), but I guess I couldn’t find the chance, time or place to do it!).
I respect Master Tu Tengyao very much for what he has become (especially thinking about the hardships he must have endured and sometimes the lack of human support from his loved ones(maybe)) and for what he is doing now for all of us and I’m sure he, himself, didn’t think that what he is doing could have such an enormous impact on him and on others. People should understand that it takes a lot of dedication, determination and sometimes sacrifice to accomplish what Master Tu Tengyao did!
I just wish people would stop doubting and talking nonsense about him.
I hope very much that he stays healthy for a long time from now on so he can leave and share his own legacy to/with all of us!

Wing Chun Sifu July 16 2023 - 17h01

He is definitely not a fake, but a true Wing Chun Master. From my experience, from what I can see in his videos, his techniques combine Ip Man’s Wing Chun with Red Boat Wing Chun and Shaolin Wing Chun, plus he does have several inputs of his own, which is okay, all Masters do that. He is obviously very well trained and knows his system very well and the most important is that he seems to be an excellent teacher. Having said that, I’d still like to know his actual lineage and his Sifus, who did he learn from. Wing Chun practitioners are always very proud about their lineage and their own Masters, and never stop talking about this, but this Master here, doesn’t mention lineage, Sifu or anything, which leaves a big questionmark. Same goes for another internet Sifu, Master Wong. But at least they both have schools and students, they aren’t only internet teachers, and as I said, he’s good at it, that’s obvious, but he needs to reveal more things about himself, his style, lineage, Sifus etc, with his followers.

Andrew Embahe January 20 2024 - 0h52

Can he extend his classes World wide?

what’s his contacts?

email me directly aembahe@gmail.com

Editorial Team January 24 2024 - 6h37

in this page (https://warrior-unicorn.com/inside-the-mind-of-master-tengyao-2023/), he told us it was not in his plan to teach world wide. As you already saw it, he is testing some different videos in order to share his knowledge. Maybe in the future he will create kind of “tutorial videos”…
About his info: in our page you will find the exact location of his school at Chongqing. (https://warrior-unicorn.com/tu-tengyao-martial-art-association/)

His douyin account: https://www.douyin.com/user/MS4wLjABAAAA6JjPDxPOgkgTZr3ApDJQIlJEC1LbCFcDRMmU4lW5L3Y


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