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Inside the Mind of a Martial Arts Master: Exclusive Interview with Master Tengyao by Warrior Unicorn

by Editorial Team
10 minutes read
Translation and transcription of Tu Tengyao's interview with Warrior-Unicorn (on WeChat ).
Master Tu Tengyao

It’s great to have you, Master TengYao for this interview!
We are an Instagram channel dedicated to showcasing the best of the martial arts world, from inspiring stories of practitioners to expert techniques and everything in between.

We have a passionate community of followers who look to us for the latest and greatest in martial arts, and we’re excited to introduce them to you!

With your vast knowledge and experience in the world of martial arts, we can’t wait to hear your insights and perspectives on everything from training and technique to mindfulness and philosophy.

So, let’s dive into this conversation and share your incredible journey with our martial arts community!

1. Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Master Tu Tengyao :

Thank you very much for your attention and support! It is a great honor!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Tu Tengyao. I am the founder of the Wing Chun Tu Tengyao Boxing Association and the Chongqing Wing Chun Boxing Association. I have been working tirelessly in the inheritance, research, and promotion of Wing Chun. My disciples are spread throughout the country and even overseas.

I have established Wing Chun teaching and research institutions in many provinces and cities, including Chongqing, Sichuan, and Guangxi. I have been interviewed by various media, including CCTV, China News Agency, Chongqing TV, Business Magazine, Chinese Martial Arts Soul, and Bazaar Men, to vigorously promote Wing Chun martial arts.

In the CCTV martial arts documentary “The Greatness of Heroes,” I guided and demonstrated Wing Chun.

I was invited to participate in the filming and starring of the “Unwavering Principles” martial arts promotional video for the Adidas “Wujin” series.

We have collaborated with many universities across the country, including the Southwest Airlines College, to offer Wing Chun courses and serve as the teaching supervisor and overall guide for Wing Chun instruction.

We have also trained numerous Wing Chun coaches and established “Promoting Chinese Martial Arts, Wing Chun Public Classroom” in multiple campuses.

Leading tens of thousands of Wing Chun students to perform Wing Chun together, we have set the Guinness World Record for “the largest-scale Wing Chun performance in history.”

We were invited to continuously develop the “Wing Chun Anti-Terrorism Combat” professional topic for the “Civil Aviation Anti-Terrorism Research Institute.”

Through many years of research and teaching in Wing Chun, we have developed a highly professional, systematic, and practical teaching research system for Wing Chun instruction.

Our boxing style and teaching philosophy have been recognized by the industry and are highly favored by martial arts enthusiasts.

2. Martial Arts Filmmaker's Incredible Rise to Fame

Your amazing videos showcasing the rich traditions, cultures, and ideas of martial arts have propelled you to internet stardom. As a result, your followers are clamoring to learn more about the person behind the camera.

Your content has resonated with millions of people around the world, showcasing the power and beauty of martial arts, we’re curious – did you ever imagine that your passion for martial arts would lead to such incredible fame and impact?

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • It was unexpected that my videos would become so widely known, and it was not my original intention when I started sharing my Wing Chun videos on Douyin.
  • My initial purpose was to provide reference and inspiration for Wing Chun enthusiasts like myself, and to showcase a different style of Wing Chun for martial arts enthusiasts through my videos.
  • Later on, I hoped to impact more people and generate interest in Chinese Kung Fu to encourage people to start learning.

3. The Art of Cultural Dissemination: The Inspiration Behind Tu Tengyao's Wing Chun Videos

While most people focus solely on combat or training videos, you take a unique approach by showcasing Wing Chun demonstrations and cultural dissemination

how did you come up with the idea ?

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • Chinese martial arts are an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, it is impossible to truly express the meaning of Wing Chun or Kung Fu without the embodiment of culture, ideology, and even character.

  • The theory and principles of Chinese martial arts are crucial, and culture is actually the soul, while combat is just a technical aspect. Therefore, in my videos, I strive to combine both culture and technique to the best of my ability.

4. Speaking Out: Your Take on the Role of Competition in Martial Arts

We want to hear your thoughts on the hotly debated topic of competition in martial arts! Do you think it’s a necessary component for growth and development, or do you believe it detracts from the true essence of the practice? Share your insights with us and our followers on our martial arts blog.

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • Competition on the ring is a form of promotion and athletic activity closely related to martial arts fighting. It is also a great display of competitive spirit and Olympic values.
  • While I do support some of my students who choose to compete in this field, my personal goal is to emphasize the importance of Chinese traditional culture embedded in martial arts, and to show people the philosophical and intellectual aspects behind the techniques.
  • The ideas and wisdom of traditional culture can not only strengthen one’s body but also provide stability and strength to one’s mind, thoughts, emotions, attitude, and spirit.

5. Wing Chun - The Practical Tool for Self-Defense

In your experience with Wing Chun, how has the practice influenced your approach to self-defense? Have you found that Wing Chun techniques and principles are effective in real-world situations, and if so, can you share an example with us? We’d love to hear your insights on how Wing Chun can be used as a practical tool for self-defense.

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • Self-defense is the fundamental purpose of practicing martial arts. Therefore, any Chinese martial arts style that has been passed down for many years has the ability to defend oneself, and Wing Chun Kung Fu has a particular emphasis on self-defense techniques. It is skilled in using rapid speed, short bursts of force, and flexible footwork, and even uses techniques such as using both hands and feet, weapons, and the environment to achieve self-defense goals. There are also many simulated combat and application breakdowns in the training system.
  • However, the effectiveness of practicing martial arts depends on the individual. Practicing one kind of martial arts cannot represent the whole style, but only represents one’s own level of understanding and mastery, as well as the conditions achieved through the development of the brain and body using the martial art.
  • Everyone is different and naturally has different levels of strength and skill.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About your School

Regarding your School, there seem to be some inquiries from potential students and other schools. Firstly, many are curious if you have plans to conduct distance learning in the near future. Additionally, for those who plan to travel to China, do you accept foreign students? And will there be interpreters available for those who don’t speak Chinese? Lastly, some schools have expressed interest in knowing if Master Tu Tengyao has any plans to go abroad to conduct demonstrations or collaborate with different schools. Could you provide any information on these matters?

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • Thank you very much for the love and recognition of Chinese martial arts from overseas enthusiasts. Like the Chinese people, Chinese kung fu has great inclusiveness. China, like many other countries, has always shared and learned many excellent cultures and technologies with the world.
  • Currently, my abilities and energy are limited, and I do not have any plans to cooperate with or teach martial arts overseas.
  • However, I warmly welcome enthusiasts who love Chinese kung fu and respect Wing Chun to come to China to learn. Our martial arts school also has foreign students and disciples who have reached the level of translation and can help foreign students in teaching.

7. The Final Round - Wisdom and Inspiration from a Martial Arts Champion

Before we wrap up this amazing interview, do you have any final words of advice or inspiration for your fans and those who have been moved by your story and your practice of martial arts? We’d love to hear your parting words and any words of wisdom you have to offer

Master Tu Tengyao:

  • Hello to all the fans overseas, and thank you for liking Wing Chun and Chinese kung fu. I am just one of thousands of martial arts inheritors in China, and my videos have been fortunate enough to catch your attention.
  • In the eyes of the Chinese people, martial arts are not just a combat technique, but also a spirit that is fearless in the face of danger and tenaciously struggles on, representing our positive energy.
  • Wing Chun originated from Shaolin and has undergone over a hundred years of inheritance and development. Its characteristics are speed, efficiency, and wisdom. It is also a way to develop the body and mind. It is a valuable martial art that is worth everyone’s love and study.
  • I hope that while you enjoy Chinese martial arts, you can also gain a deeper understanding of the ideas and spiritual qualities within our martial arts.
  • I wish you all a richer and more practical harvest.

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Kevin Cowan March 10 2023 - 14h10

Absolutely brilliant, massive thanks and respect for posting. 🙏

Gabriel April 20 2023 - 13h03

maestro, admiro mucho su wing chun desde argentina, lamentablemente aqui no hay escuelas que tengan un nivel serio de enseñanza, ojala pueda llegar su sabiduria y tecnicas hasta aqui.

Hatem May 22 2023 - 18h06

Dear. Master chu
I want to practices this material arts and know this kind of matial arts how i can do that via inline

Win Chen June 1 2023 - 3h37

Master, do you have Wing Chun online class? How to join? Because I live in another country.

Editorial Team June 9 2023 - 5h50

This was answered in “Question 6” during te interview -> For now The Master has no plan for online teaching.
Just wait and see how it will go in the next months, who knows 😉

Phillip June 10 2023 - 22h30

I am also wanting to to do the classes online as I live in Australia.

Editorial Team July 4 2023 - 7h07

As replied earlier, This was answered in “Question 6” during te interview -> For now The Master has no plan for online teaching.
Just wait and see how it will go in the next months, who knows 😉

Richard Paul Hesser June 13 2023 - 12h54

Greetings Sifu
I would like to join your class and sign up for online classes if available

Editorial Team July 4 2023 - 7h07

As replied earlier, This was answered in “Question 6” during te interview -> For now The Master has no plan for online teaching.
Just wait and see how it will go in the next months, who knows 😉

Manish July 4 2023 - 6h39

sir I would like to join your class and sign up for online classes if available plz

Editorial Team July 4 2023 - 7h07

As replied earlier, This was answered in “Question 6” during te interview -> For now The Master has no plan for online teaching.
Just wait and see how it will go in the next months, who knows 😉

Porter Maberry Jr. July 6 2023 - 13h27

I always loved Wing Chun teaching! I’ve been involved in Boxing from the 7th Grade. I fought Ametuer and Profesional! I still Coach Boxing today. I would love to learn from this teaching! Thank you.

Rhon McKinney August 3 2023 - 14h46

what schools are in Phoenix, AZ

Jose Peralta September 21 2023 - 15h16

Hi, can u Email me if u start teaching online

Ochez Burgess October 7 2023 - 23h22

question: Where is Tu teng yao school located? Whats the name ?

Editorial Team October 8 2023 - 21h05

Question answered at this page 😉


Rick Jones November 12 2023 - 0h35

Just wanted to say thanks for the teachings and the interview!

Rick Jones November 12 2023 - 0h56

Much love and thanks to both of you

Amit Varshney March 6 2024 - 3h25

Really Great Content it is very helpful to us thanks a lot Sir

Vasile Iustinian Hirtan May 16 2024 - 12h43

Hola. Estoy viendo sus videos en Youtube. El. sr. Tengyau es un gran maestro y le admiro muchísimo. Respeto muchísimo la cultura China. soy un gran fan del Kun Fu Chino. El wing chun. Es impresionante su gran calidad. un cordial saludo para todo el equipo, desde Rumanía. También quiero felicitar al Gran Maestro, Tengyau por su gran talento y gran persona.

Jonathan Gutierrez May 30 2024 - 20h02

Where are there classes close to SanDiego that I can sign up for


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